Award winning creative director, graphic designer and illustrator for hire.
20 years of industry experience ready to work for you.


My strengths are many. But here are a few highlights. Click through for more.


I have over 20 years of industry experience as both a client and as a vendor. I'm familiar with the struggles of both worlds. I've spent time at the top regional agencies and as part of an in house marketing team.
It makes no difference what business segment I work for, I win awards for high standards and effective communications. Many of my projects have been recognized in the design and advertising industry.
I always put forth my best effort to create strong working relationships to produce top notch results. I strive to do right by the people who work for me and make smart decisions for the clients I represent.


I do believe that the creative talent of Peter Morris is something extraordinary. If you’re looking for competitive advantage, look no further.

Kim Black-Washington

Account Executive, Clinical Supply Services at Catalent Pharma Solutions

Peter has a passion for creative that extends beyond just design, he is able to think through the strategy and long-term shelf-life of what makes great work last. The product that I receive is always extraordinary, strategic and innovative.

Abby Euler

B2C Integration Executive at The Weather Company, an IBM Business

One of the most unique things about Peter is his ability to utilize design to do more than just make things "look pretty." He uses design to tell stories, solve problems and convey feeling...the hallmarks of quality design.

Kevin Sheen

Communications Manager, Nelnet

Creative. Peter embodies the essence of creative. His work is both imaginative and innovative and it has been a pleasure to collaborate with Peter on many levels. Peter is able to harness energies that drive people and connect with them visually better than any individual I've met before.

Caleb Pollard

Founder/President, Scratchtown Brewing Company

Creative. Authentic. Creative. Strategic. Creative. Passionate. Creative – oh wait, did I say "creative" already? If you work with Peter, you can't help but see he's a creative genius with the experience to put his ideas into action.

Janet Denison

Janet Denison President, Vision Exhibits

Some Client Highlights

I've had the pleasure of working for all sorts of organizations. From national brands to local companies. Here are some of my favorites.